Pre-Conference Workshops

Please join us on 22nd May for our pre-conference workshops on Latent Variable Modelling led by Emily Lowthian, Swansea University, and How to Engage the Public with (Language) Science led by Sharon Unsworth, Radboud University.

Morning workshop: 8.30-11.30 am

Latent Variable Modelling

Emily Lowthian (Swansea University)

Join our Latent Class Analysis Workshop tailored for both beginners and seasoned researchers. This workshop delves into the theory and practical applications of LCA using commonly used software like Mplus, R, SPSS, and Stata. Gain hands-on experience in model estimation, interpretation, and visualization to effectively uncover hidden patterns within your datasets. After a consideration of the technical application, we will explore how to interpret results for writing a paper. A number of helpful resources will be provided, along with recommendations of books and journal articles

Afternoon workshop: 2pm – 4pm

How to Engage the Public with (Language) Science

Sharon Unsworth (Radboud University)

Science communication, public engagement, outreach, knowledge transfer – whatever you call it, communicating with non-academic audiences about your research can be a challenge (as well as lots of fun!). In this hands-on workshop, we’ll cover key concepts and share concrete tips about the why and how of sci-com, as well as discussing the importance of measuring the impact of your sci-com and public engagement activities. The workshop is intended for (early career and more senior) researchers wanting to learn more about how to do sci-com (better).